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Salmon Creek Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan

This Salmon Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan (Plan) was prepared jointly by staff at the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District (GRRCD) and ecological consulting firm Prunuske Chatham, Inc. (PCI).

GRRCD and PCI initiated the Plan through the application and subsequent award of a Proposition 50 bond-funded grant from the State of California. The grant was awarded in late 2005, and has been administered through the State Water Resources Control Board, with local assistance and direction from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. GRRCD provided administration and facilitation of the planning process, while the team at PCI provided the science and technical expertise needed to consider the hydrologic boundaries of the subwatersheds, characterize factors limiting the recovery of salmonids in the watershed, and work with the advisory committee to develop feasible strategies to address all issues.

Two Salmon in Creek
Photo courtesy of Steve Killey
The Plan takes a watershed approach to addressing the issues of water quality and quantity, rather than looking at stream restoration on a site-specific basis. Through a geomorphic assessment, sediment source and water quality analysis, and water supply and demand study, a thorough base of resource knowledge was examined to better understand the current state of the Salmon Creek Watershed. Based on these assessments, it was then determined what actions should be taken to enhance and protect the natural resources of the watershed for current and future generations. GRRCD will serve as the chair and directly administer the implementation of the Plan, with oversight and technical assistance from the Technical Advisory Committee.

The Plan should be viewed as a "living document." The goals and actions outlined in this plan are based on our current level of understanding of the ecological processes and health of the watershed. It is expected that management issues and priorities in the watershed will change through time, and stakeholders will adapt this plan and subsequent recommendations as conditions change.

Salmon Creek Integrated Coastal Watershed
Management Plan

June, 2010

Salmon Creek Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan
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Table of Contents

Summary:   Executive Summary
Chapter 1:   Introduction
Chapter 2:   State of the Watershed
Chapter 3:   Uplands Management Action Plan
Chapter 4:   Instream & Riparian Habitat Enhancement Action Plan
Chapter 5:   Water Quality Management Action Plan
Chapter 6:   Water Supply Sustainability Action Plan
Chapter 7:   Sustainable Agriculture Action Plan
Chapter 8:   Implementation
Chapter 9:   Tracking Watershed Management Plan Objectives
Appendices: Appendices

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