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Get Involved!

Here are some tips to help you contribute
to maintaining a healthy watershed

Creek Banks and Riparian Areas

  • Allow native plants to remain undisturbed on creek banks.
  • Unless causing flooding, leave rocks and logs in the creek beds. They help fish.
  • Minimize even legal diversion of water.
  • Set construction, cultivation and livestock back from banks to prevent siltation which smothers fish.
  • Use good soil practices such as contour plowing when cultivating fields.
  • Grade roads so that water flows are spread to minimize erosion.

Landscaping and Cultivation

  • Compost yard waste where possible.
  • Consider using organic and dry farming techniques.
  • Consider xeroscaping and drip irrigation.
  • Preserve wildlife corridors by not fencing or using wildlife-friendly fencing.
  • Plant native plants where possible.
  • Mulch bare soil to prevent wind-erosion and moisture loss.

Household Tips

  • Compost and store non-compostable waste in wind and critter-resistant containers.
  • Try non-toxic solvents and cleaning products.
  • Clean drains mechanically.
  • Use car washes or wash vehicles in grassy areas.
  • Sweep rather than hose sidewalks and driveways.

Saving Water

  • Install low water use toilets and front loading washers.
  • Repair leaks in plumbing.
  • Consider water catchment methods such as swales, ponds, and cisterns for personal and wildlife use.
  • Explore the possibility of using gray water.

Get Involved!

  • Volunteer to do creek surveys, monitor water quality by calling or emailing David Shatkin (707-217-8506) or

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